Palestine: Yet People Celebrate (Christmas 2010)

In this time of year, people around the world celebrate. They celebrate the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem Palestine. They celebrate a birth that was meant to propagate a set of ideals to make the world a better place. 2010 years later, that same birthplace is plagued by a regime that practices the exact opposite of those ideals. Bethlehem is surrounded by a racist wall of biblical proportions, by regime which is racist to biblical proportions. Yet people celebrate.

But that is OK. The people of Palestine also celebrate. They need to, as any other people would need to celebrate. After all it is the season to make exceptions. In this season, people make exceptions when it comes to their spending, to their diets, to the way they treat each other. So it is only logical to make an exception by putting an effort for the land, the homes and people of the birthplace of Christmas… for justice in Palestine…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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9 Responses to Palestine: Yet People Celebrate (Christmas 2010)

  1. niqnaq says:

    You might be interested in asking about to find out who ‘Leah Abramovitch’ is. On Dec 6, she wrote an article for an Amsterdam-hosted web site called ‘Syria Truth’, claiming that Julian Assange’s ex no. 2 man, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, had told her in an interview that Assange had met with Israeli officials in Switzerland and agreed to suppress Israel-related material from the WikiLeaks ‘Cablegate’ collection. Now, since that time, Domscheit-Berg has spoken to a number of western news outlets about his disagreements with Assange, but he has never repeated this allegation, nor has anyone asked him about it. Sooner or later, someone will ask him about it, and he will probably deny ever having said it, which will leave us with nobody to turn to except ‘Leah Abramovitch’, whoever she is. Here is her article, in the original Arabic:

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  5. niqnaq says:

    Re the Domscheit-Berg story, he has now denied ever having given this interview:

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  8. Jamal says:

    The clip is awesome and great by all measures, however to give it a much wider view, you ought to change the title to “The little drummer boy in Christ’s land”. As would be easy for every searcher for this particular song would find it. By the current title you get almost none

  9. P★S says:

    Solidaridad Internacional con Palestina !!
    Stop a la barbarie sionista !
    Boicot a Israel !!

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